What a time to be alive! In the last year, we have been challenged emotionally with joy and loss, mentally with trying to persevere and forge ahead, as well as physically with illnesses that we have battled, which most survived but, a precious few, lost.

And yet, we continue to show up, for our patients, our colleagues, our friends, our families, our communities and ourselves.

Thank each and every one of you for all you do: from caring for your families and our future generations, to caring for the society we live in. Thank you for giving of your time, your energy, your innovation and your finances, to move the needle forward, even if just by a little bit.

The impact we have, is multiplied when we come together, when we unite, when we collaborate and exchange ideas. In our commitment to making this organisation a bigger and more unified one, where each of us breaks through our complacency, I have and will continue to have one on one conversations with our members and potential members to identify ways ACPA can earn and hold your trust.

Many valid reasons for doubt in our growth as an organisation have come up in these conversations. The ongoing armed conflict in the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, is one that hits home for many of us, and the effects reverberate far and wide. ACPA is committed to finding a way to continue to provide care to all our communities, even through this divide, so please pull up a seat at the table, and join the conversation.

Our development and sustainability goals will outline our strategic approach to addressing this and other issues, such as, ways we collaborate with Medical schools and allied healthcare institutions in Cameroon, Our alignment with like-minded organisations Cameroon and in the diaspora, as well as creating a culture that sustains the well rounded growth of our members and that builds ownership and engagement in the organisation to name a few. We deem these as vital parts in carrying out our goal of sustainable impact here and at home.

There is always more to be done, so let us roll up ourselves, join committees, step up for positions, bring in colleagues as members, brainstorm on ways to continue growing and improving, and above all connect as humans who value each other and the effort to make the spaces we live in better for everyone.

Carpe Diem!

Dr Raissa Fobi, MD, FAAP (Pediatrician/Neonatologist)

The Membership in the Association is open to all physicians of Cameroonian heritage, physicians married to Cameroonians, physicians who are naturalized citizens of Cameroon, practicing, teaching or otherwise engaged in the medical profession in the United States of America and Canada.


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