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    Why do men hate going to the doctor?

    why do men hate going to the doctor

    Most men—77%—would rather go shopping with their wife or significant other than go to the doctor, according to a new national survey by the Cleveland Clinic. In fact, 72% of men would rather do household chores, like cleaning the bathroom or mowing the lawn, than go to the doctor.

    Men tend to be stubborn about a lot of things, with taking care of their health usually near the top of the list," said Eric Klein, MD, chairman, Cleveland Clinic's Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute, Cleveland, OH.

    Indeed, about two-thirds of men (65%) tend to wait as long as possible to see a doctor when they have any health symptoms or injury. This is particularly true for men ages 35 to 54 years—72% of whom said they try to tough it out before going to the doctor, compared with 59% of men age 55 years and up.

    Even among men who do go to the doctor, 20% admit they haven't been completely honest with their PCP before. Why did they not tell the truth?

    • 46% said they were embarrassed
    • 40% said they felt uncomfortable
    • 39% said they didn't want to be judged
    • 38% said they thought their health problem would resolve on its own
    • 37% said they knew something was wrong, but weren't ready to face the diagnosis and/or would rather not know if they have any health issues
    • 36% said they didn't want to hear they needed to change their diet/lifestyle (ie, exercise more, change diet, quit smoking, etc)

    Then again, most men would rather talk to their doctors about weight and diet than about their sexual health. Specifically, 46% of men said the most uncomfortable topic to discuss with the doctor is sex-related concerns, such as their sexual history and "below the belt" issues (skin irritations, erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases/infections, etc).

    Source: MDLinx 

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