Founders Club

    The Founders Club is made up of individuals who have committed themselves, financially and otherwise, to provide a very solid foundation for this wonderful association. They have dedicated themselves to use their resources and networks to grow the association and deepen its impact. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this distinguished group.
    Dr. Ata Atogh
    Dr. Ata AtoghMiami, Florida
    Dr. Shirley Ayuk-Takem
    Dr. Shirley Ayuk-TakemMullica Hill, New Jersey
    Dr. Christian Bime
    Dr. Christian Bime Tucson, Arizona
    Dr. Susan Egbe-Tanyi
    Dr. Susan Egbe-TanyiSalisbury, North Carolina
    Dr. Emmanuel Enohmbi
    Dr. Emmanuel EnohmbiMonroe, North Carolina
    Dr. Arnold Etame
    Dr. Arnold Etame Tampa, Florida
      Dr. Mathias A. L.
    Dr. Mathias A. L. Fobi Stone Mountain, Georgia
    Dr. Denis Foretia
    Dr. Denis Foretia Baltimore, Maryland
    Dr. Bertrand Fote
    Dr. Bertrand Fote Miami, Florida
    Dr. Emmanuel Menga
    Dr. Emmanuel Menga San Antonio, TX
    Dr. Corentine Kwende Ako
    Dr. Corentine Kwende Ako Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas
    Dr. Efua Leke
    Dr. Efua Leke Houston, Texas
    Dr. Roland Iboni
    Dr. Roland Iboni Miami, Florida
      Dr. Fombe Ndiforchu
    Dr. Fombe Ndiforchu Palos Verdes, CA
    Dr. Cassandra Ndiforchu
    Dr. Cassandra Ndiforchu Palos Verdes, CA
    Dr. Bonaventure Ngu
    Dr. Bonaventure Ngu The Woodlands, Texas
    Dr. Elna Saah
    Dr. Elna Saah Flint, Michigan
    Dr. Ronny Tchokonte
    Dr. Ronny Tchokonte Houston, TX
    Dr. Enaka Yembe
    Dr. Enaka Yembe Frisco, TX
    Dr. Nina Lum
    Dr. Nina Lum London, KY
    Dr. Dione Mbame
    Dr. Dione Mbame NY, NY
      Dr. Edwin Shadzeka
    Dr. Edwin Shadzeka Washington D.C
    Dr. Daisy Ayim
    Dr. Daisy Ayim Houston, TX
    Dr. Gwendoline Menga-Fote
    Dr. Gwendoline Menga-Fote Houston, TX
    Dr. Barnabas Fote
    Dr. Barnabas Fote Houston, TX
    Dr. Danielle Tientcheu
    Dr. Danielle Tientcheu Houston, TX
    Dr. Ronald Ambe
    Dr. Ronald Ambe Houston, TX
    Dr. Claudia Fotzeu
    Dr. Claudia Fotzeu Atlanta, GA
    Dr. Alan Tita
    Dr. Alan Tita Birmingham, AL
    Dr. Jeffrey Chenyi
    Dr. Jeffrey Chenyi Lexington, KY
    Dr. Pascal Kingah
    Dr. Pascal Kingah Houston, TX
    Dr. Remy Teqwimuah
    Dr. Remy Teqwimuah Friendswood, TX
    Dr. Nelson Tajong
    Dr. Nelson Tajong Birmingham, AL
    Dr. Judith Peyechu
    Dr. Judith Peyechu Humble, TX
    Dr. Luegenia Ndi
    Dr. Luegenia Ndi Lubbock, TX
    Dr. Susan Mbu
    Dr. Susan Mbu Pensacola, FL
    Dr. Serge Awasum
    Dr. Serge Awasum The Woodlands, TX
    Dr. Nicole Fobi-Nunga
    Dr. Nicole Fobi-Nunga Birmingham, AL
    Dr. Irene Wakam
    Dr. Irene Wakam Ventura, CA
    Dr. Austine Mengnjo
    Dr. Austine MengnjoDanville, PA
    Dr. Chenwi Ambe
    Dr. Chenwi Ambe Albuquerque, NM
    Dr. Theodore Tanke
    Dr. Theodore Tanke Portsmouth, Ohio
    The Membership in the Association is open to all physicians of Cameroonian heritage, physicians married to Cameroonians, physicians who are naturalized citizens of Cameroon, practicing, teaching or otherwise engaged in the medical profession in the United States of America and Canada.

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