The Standing Committees are the administrative organs of the association and all Standing Committee chairs are Voting Members of the Executive Council. Contact the Executive Director if interested in joining a committee.

    Committees of the Association of Cameroonian Physicians in the America’s represent various aspects of the organization. We invite you to explore the committee and then lend your talents to the development of these committees.
    Standing Committees Description


    Audit and Finance Committee. 
    The Audit and Finance Committee will manage, monitor, and supervise all financial affairs of the Association.



    Membership and Credentials Committee. 
    The Membership & Credentials Committee shall accept and review membership applications and make recommendations to the Board for election of new Members and for other changes of membership status.



    Nominating Committee. 
    The Nominating Committee shall conduct and supervise elections of Members of the Board and the Advisory Council.



    Program Committee. 
    The Program Committee shall be responsible for the preparation of the scientific program for the Annual Meeting and for any special scientific sessions sponsored and authorized by the Board.



    Constitution and Bylaws Committee. 
    The Constitution and Bylaws Committee function is to consider amendments to the constitution and bylaws; to review and draft rules for the conduct of council and membership meetings; to review and draft rules for the preparation of resolutions, memorials, and tributes; and to make recommendations to the association.



    Publications & IT Committee. 
    The function of the Publications and IT Committee is the writing, editing and publishing all printed material issued by the Association and to provide the assurance that all of these publications conform to the goals of ACPA. The Committee shall also oversee content management for the Association’s website and social media outlets



    Education and Scientific Research Committee.

    This committee works on medical education issues that relate to resident and fellow physicians, and assists the Executive Council in developing policy positions, writing reports, and educating resident and fellow members of the ACPA about critical issues related to Graduate Medical Education.

    This committee also assists the Executive Council with the planning and execution of the annual Research Symposium held at the Annual Meeting in April. This includes reviewing abstract submissions, making decisions of acceptance, organizing the judging of poster presentations and assigning awards.



    AD-HOC Committees.
    Ethics and Judiciary Committee

    The Ethics and Judiciary Committees function shall be to review issues of medical ethics from time to time. It shall also act, if called upon, as a Board of Censors for the purpose of deliberating and ruling on the suspension or expulsion of a Member.



    Clinical Advisory Committee. 
    The Clinical Advisory Committee provides clinical expertise to enhance the quality of ACPA’S educational activities, support ACPA’s members on specific programs, and develop recommendations to the board of directors for long-term educational strategies that enhance ACPA’s mission to improve the quality of health care in clinical settings in the states and abroad.



    Awards Committee.
    The Awards Committee shall oversee the granting of awards established by the Association as selected by various Association committees. The Awards Committee shall publicize award opportunities and coordinate the presentation of awards to recipients for the awards established by the Association. ACPA committees will select one or more recipients every year for each award, or no recipient if none of the nominees are deemed sufficiently qualified.



    Members in Transition and Training Committee. 
    The Committee for Members in Transition and Training ensures an effective representation of the views of Student/Resident members in the Society’s affairs. The committee advises the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Assemblies, and other committees regarding the special needs of members early in careers and new ACPA services that can assist them in achieving their career goals. It will also develop strategies for recruiting into membership early career scientists and clinicians for the diverse disciplines involved in the ACPA.


    Public Policy and Government Relations Committee. 
    The Public Policy and Government Relations Committee serves to represent, promote, and advocate the information policy interests of the Association regarding policies, laws, regulations and other developments that may affect the Association.



    Medical Missions Committee. 
    The Medical Missions Committee is the humanitarian committee of the ACPA. The committee to assist in coordinating member participation in NGO community service projects abroad. Missions Committee and their goal is to assist those who suffer from inadequate medical, dental and general health support in Cameroon. The Medical Missions Committee also identifies collaborates with similar organizations outside of ACPA to maximize impact.


    Executive Council

    Executive Council

    Nominations Committee

    Publications & IT Committee


    Education and Scientific Research Committee

    Medical Missions Ad-Hoc Committee

    Audit and Finace Committee

    Membership and Credentials Committee

    Program Committee

    Bylaws and Constitution Committee

    Fundraising Committee

    Medical Student Committee

    • Giresse Melone (Chair)
    • Ekokobe Fonkam (Member)
    • Daniel Tasoh (Member)
    • George Butler (Member)
    • Clarisse Tallah (Member)
    • Anita Sangong (Member)
    • Noella Tamufor (Member)
    • Isabelle Mulango (Member)

    Awards Committee

    The Membership in the Association is open to all physicians of Cameroonian heritage, physicians married to Cameroonians, physicians who are naturalized citizens of Cameroon, practicing, teaching or otherwise engaged in the medical profession in the United States of America and Canada.

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