Board of directors

      Dr. Emmanuel Enohmbi
    Dr. Emmanuel EnohmbiChair
    Dr. Cassandra Ndiforchu
    Dr. Cassandra NdiforchuPresident and Non-voting Member
      Dr. Shirley Ayuk-Takem
    Dr. Shirley Ayuk-TakemPresident-Elect and Non-voting Member
    Dr. Bertrand Fote
    Dr. Bertrand FoteImmediate Past President
    Dr. Bonaventure Ngu
    Dr. Bonaventure NguMember
    Dr. Gwen Menga-Fote
    Dr. Gwen Menga-Fote Member
    Dr. Nicole Fobi Nunga
    Dr. Nicole Fobi Nunga Member
    Dr. Mathias AL Fobi
    Dr. Mathias AL Fobi Advisor
    Dr. Denis Foretia
    Dr. Denis ForetiaAdvisor
    The Membership in the Association is open to all physicians of Cameroonian heritage, physicians married to Cameroonians, physicians who are naturalized citizens of Cameroon, practicing, teaching or otherwise engaged in the medical profession in the United States of America and Canada.

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    Association of Cameroonian Physicians
    in the Americas, Incorporated

    Phone: (912) 584-0163

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